From Disability Theory to Practice
Human Rights, Disability, and Capabilities
Disability and Justice

Welcome and thank you for visiting. I am Professor & Chair of Philosophy at Utica College, a small private liberal arts institution located in Upstate New York, where I am also Director of the Applied Ethics Institute.

Although my work largely consists of discussions of distributive justice with a particular emphasis on egalitarianism & disability, I also engage in applied ethics debates surrounding the experience of disability.

I am the author of two short books that focus on disability and justice: “Disability & Justice: The Capabilities Approach in Practice” (2014) and “Human Rights, Disability, & Capabilities” (2016), and am the editor of another book: “From Disability Theory to Practice: Essays in Honor of Jerome E. Bickenbach” (2018). At the moment, and amongst other projects, I am writing a monograph on assisted dying and selective abortion that integrates the capabilities approach by discussing notions of dignity and the relief of suffering.

Prior to coming to Utica College, I was Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University in Montreal, and Teaching Fellow of Philosophy at Queen’s University at Kingston, where I received my PhD.

In 2020 I was a Visiting Scholar at the Hastings Center in New York and in 2016 I was a Visiting Researcher at the Fondation Brocher in Hermance, Switzerland.

In 2018 I was the recipient of the 44th Dr. Virgil Crisafulli Distinguished Teaching Award at Utica College. Earlier that year, I testified in front of the New York State Assembly Committee on Health concerning Medical Aid in Dying.

This website offers a relatively comprehensive listing of my publications and projects (although many are omitted to ensure anonymity for the peer review process). I am happy to share copies of my work or to discuss works in progress.

Finally, while I have not yet conducted Nelson Riddle’s orchestra, been a squadron leader in the Royal Air Force, or bitten a police officer in Indiana, I am still young.